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AC Milan to make a move for inconsistent Renato Sanches


After verbal agreement reached on personal terms with Renato Sanches, AC Milan are still working to reach full agreement with Lille for the Portuguese midfielder. Maldini wants him as priority signing ACMilan

AC Milan have a five-year deal ready for Sanches since January and where really  hoping all necessary documentations will be completed but a defiant Lille Fc of France are not willing to part ways with their dynamic but inconsistent midfielder, they still remember glimpses of his active playing times when he is fit and playable he clicks at all angles.

German teams are very good in player treatment, they are well known for healing the muscles of injury prone players, a clear example is Ronaldo the number 9 striker of Brazil, his active playing days was filled with a recurring injury till he underwent treatment in Germany before partially recovering, had he known the Germans where that good he would have paid them a visit long before his injury problems started.

Bayer Munich where not able to tame Renato Sanchez and use his beautiful possesive talent  hence his move to Lille where he has shown signs of improvement which later caught the attention of AC Milan.

AC Milan will be hoping to have their man and maintain their form in the  domestic league after winning it in 2022 season they will be hoping to have a face in the Champions League next year.


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