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Afflecks Palace traders in shock as Alice Cooper rocks up to buy a t-shirt for Johnny Depp

Iconic Manchester shopping destination, Afflecks Palace, was abuzz with excitement when legendary rock star Alice Cooper made a surprise appearance. Shoppers and traders couldn’t believe their eyes as Cooper casually strolled through the alternative shopping emporium, interacting with traders and browsing the unique stalls. But the surprise didn’t end there – it was revealed that Cooper’s mission was to find a t-shirt for his close friend, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Afflecks Palace, renowned for its alternative fashion and independent retailers, has long been a beloved fixture in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Cooper’s unexpected visit sent shockwaves throughout the building, with traders and visitors thrilled by the rock star’s presence. Everyone was eager to catch a glimpse of the “Godfather of Shock Rock” as he made his way through the maze-like corridors, stopping to chat with sellers and fans.

Cooper, famous for his theatrical performances and hits like “School’s Out” and “Poison,” graciously engaged with traders who couldn’t contain their excitement. For many, it was a dream come true to meet the music icon and share their admiration for his music.

When asked about his visit, Cooper revealed that he was fulfilling a special request from his long-time friend, Johnny Depp. It turns out Depp had heard about Afflecks Palace and its alternative fashion scene during his previous visits to Manchester and was intrigued. Cooper recalled his conversation with Depp, saying, “Johnny told me, ‘Alice, when you’re in Manchester, you have to go to Afflecks Palace and find me something cool.’ So here I am, on a mission to make Johnny’s day.”

Cooper’s unexpected presence caused a buzz among shoppers and traders, who eagerly shared their encounters with the rock icon on social media. Photos and videos documenting the surreal moment quickly circulated online, capturing the blend of Cooper’s rock ‘n’ roll aura with the creative atmosphere of Afflecks Palace.

After perusing various stalls, Cooper finally found the perfect item – a vintage-inspired t-shirt that matched Depp’s unique fashion sense. Thrilled with his discovery, Cooper expressed his anticipation about presenting the gift to his friend, confident that Depp would appreciate the find.

As news of Alice Cooper’s surprise visit spread, Afflecks Palace experienced a surge in foot traffic. Enthusiasts flocked to the venue, hoping for a chance to catch a glimpse of the rock legend and perhaps pick up some rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia of their own.

Traders at Afflecks Palace, still buzzing with excitement, expressed their gratitude for Cooper’s visit. They recognized that his presence not only uplifted their spirits but also shed light on the distinctive and alternative shopping experience the venue offers.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on providing a one-of-a-kind retail experience here at Afflecks Palace, and having Alice Cooper grace our premises has truly solidified our reputation,” said Sally Thompson, a stallholder at the emporium. “It’s amazing to see the impact our little corner of Manchester has on these global icons.”

As Alice Cooper bid farewell to the traders and shoppers who gathered to catch a final glimpse of him, he left behind an unforgettable memory in the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness his impromptu visit to Afflecks Palace. With his mission accomplished and a unique t-shirt in hand, the rock legend disappeared into the bustling streets of Manchester, leaving a lasting impression on the iconic shopping destination.

No doubt, the traders at Afflecks Palace will be recounting the tale for years to come. The day Alice Cooper arrived to buy a t-shirt for Johnny Depp has now become a legendary part of the emporium’s history.

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