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“An official Vampire now”: Tony Iommi played Paranoid with Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper at The Hollywood Vampires’ recent UK show

“Rock Icons Unite: Tony Iommi Joins The Hollywood Vampires for Epic UK Show”

Date: July 14, 2023

In an extraordinary rock collaboration that left fans spellbound, Tony Iommi, the renowned guitarist of Black Sabbath, took to the stage alongside rock legends Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, and Alice Cooper at The Hollywood Vampires’ recent UK show. This surprise appearance marked Iommi’s official induction into the vampire-themed supergroup, and their electrifying performance of the timeless hit “Paranoid” left the audience in awe.

The Hollywood Vampires, formed in 2015 by Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp, pays homage to a group of musicians who used to gather at the iconic Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood during the 1970s. The current lineup features a talented array of musicians from different bands, each bringing their unique style and musical prowess to the table.

Anticipation for The Hollywood Vampires’ UK show was already running high, but the addition of Tony Iommi took the excitement to another level. Revered as the godfather of heavy metal, Iommi is celebrated for his masterful guitar riffs that have shaped the landscape of rock music for decades.

As the crowd erupted in thunderous applause, Iommi joined Perry, Depp, and Cooper on stage. The energy in the venue surged as these four rock titans united, delivering a performance that surpassed all expectations. Their rendition of “Paranoid” was nothing short of extraordinary.From the moment Iommi unleashed the iconic opening chords of “Paranoid,” a signature riff he created, the audience went wild. The unmistakable sound filled the air, and the crowd responded with headbanging and air guitar, completely immersed in the music. The chemistry between the musicians was palpable as they seamlessly blended their styles, infusing the classic song with renewed vigor and unbridled passion.

Iommi’s unparalleled guitar wizardry, combined with Alice Cooper’s soulful vocals and the charismatic stage presence of Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, resulted in a musical alchemy that resonated with every fan present. The performance was a testament to the collective talent of The Hollywood Vampires.After the show, Tony Iommi expressed his gratitude and excitement about officially joining The Hollywood Vampires. “Being part of this incredible lineup and paying tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires is truly an honor,” he remarked. “Playing ‘Paranoid’ with these talented musicians was an exhilarating experience, and I look forward to continuing to create music with this extraordinary band.”The Hollywood Vampires’ UK show will forever be etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness it. With Tony Iommi now a permanent member of the vampire clan, fans can anticipate even more extraordinary performances and thrilling collaborations from this exceptional supergroup in the future.

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