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Benzema may have just landed himself into the Drake curse.

Benzema just won the most coveted price in football wards and the after-party is an unending affair that has gone as far as initiating a party time with Drake the fourth-time Grammy winner, who just recently released his 7 studio album that has caught the attention of fans and haters alike in the music industry by storm.

A much-fancied album that dropped at the very time albums of fellow hip-hop gurus also surfaced and although it has attracted a large amount of audience, it is yet to be fully integrated into the hip-hop culture with many arguing why.

Benzema maybe endanger his stars as every player who visited and partied with drake never really blossomed but was only stuck in oblivion, such was the fate of players like Aguero, Neymar, and many others.

The France international has been widely tipped to win the Ballon Dor but a recent picture of him partying heavily with Drake raises concerns with fans worried if their star man will eventually win the price even when his peers who sought company with Drake and reached their award thus sampling Drake as a complete curse and one who seems to mess everything around him.

Well, they say time is the final answer as we wait to see whether the Drake curse will finally be revoked and make Benzema claim his award or the curse might stand and we are all faced with another Drake curse.


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