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Cardi B Invasion of Privacy considered the 16th album of all time.

The rolling stone says that invasion of privacy by Cardi B is the 16th greatest hip hop album of all time and this has sent shockwaves around the hip-hop community with many arguing if she truly deserves the hype because there are equally better artist like her who write and rap about their own song and Cardi B doesnt even write so how does she eclipses Nas and the rest.

Rolling Stone saying Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B is better than Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Aquemini, Marshall Mathers LP, All Eyez On Me, and Madvillainy is a legendary way to set an artist up but this might let fans who just listen to her tracks to stop because this may draw feuds among them.

Has she surpassed her predecessors already and is Nicki Minaj in the building weighing her options, Rolling stone might have some explanation to give because of this bold claim.

They are practically saying that the New York rapper is better than Nas and Eminem and Nicky Minaj all together, maybe there is something we don’t known whiles they do and with those statistic drew that conclusion.

Cardi B is good but to say her 2018 album ranks among the 16th best of all time is scary.

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