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Chris Brown set to drop a song with Wizkid.

Wizkid and Chris Brown just melt into each other. One genius bleeding into the other, passing the sweetness between each other, with round after round of pure flow.

One of the finest integrations of Wizkid’s talents in a foreign collaboration. It’s a clutch affair.

Chris Brown is a genius in another dimension all together, his prowess in R&B alone has won him the praise as the greatest along side R. Kelly and Usher Raymond.

Wizkids wizardry with the afrobeats genre has caught the attention of all and beyond , a genuine singer with a unique sense of appeal, a charmer born singer able to move any stone cold heart is an accolade only him hold.

Wizkid and Chris Brown found balance. And it is along that centre of equilibrium that the sweetness occurs on the new record.

R&B meets Afrobeats, Pidgin meets English, Verse meets Hook. Guitars finds horns.

Finely divided. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. A perfect definition of the duo given by a fan on Twitter is what defines them innately.

There seems to be no barrier if anyone wants to reach the status of greatness, to hunt for the very best one must be willing to sacrifice a lot , even if it means forsaking their own good.

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