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Chris Waddle and Medikal staged their beef

Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known across the mainstream media as Medikal has recently had a beef with fellow music tycoon Chris Waddle, which has sparked media outcry with a chunk of the populace worrying whether there is such thing as loyalty.

The whole concepts of music promos these days comes with many unfamiliar approaches but the most widely accepted acts is the continuous beef among artist which according to them raise more public awareness even before the track is released and one such incidents is that between these two heavyweight giants in the Ghana music industry.

The suspicion of the public will be laid to rest when Chris Waddle disclosed that to him, they agreed to do that on Twitter to create some hype around his newly released single titled, Take Me Back which features multi-award winning star Stonebwoy.

Even when lovers of Ghana tunes were well aware of the publicity stunt surrounding the beef, there was still some concerns as to if this might just be an actual beef judging from the intensity of the artist who put in much strength in their line of work even if it meant doing the impossible for just a while and for Chris Waddle this was just a catalyst to hype his song.

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