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Dior Stuck With Johnny Depp Till the Very End Despite suckers Blasting Them When Amber Heard Was Wnning – is Now Reportedly “ Leader in Perfume Deals 

Johnny Depp’s blackening case against Amber Heard impacted a major knob of his career due to allegations of him physically abusing the actress. Brands cut ties with him and Depp lost massive movie deals the moment the news started flying around. The one brand that refused to back down and was adamant about keeping the actor was none other than Dior.

The brand’s faith in the actor anyhow of the allegations had really brought some counterreaction for Dior. still, they refused to let go of the actor and wanted to stick around until the trials, sticking by his side and supporting him throughout the delicate times for him. Now, Dior stands on top of all other incense brands.

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