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Drake responds to the critics of his new album and says ‘wait you will get there’.

Drake released his new 7 studio album and his fans are crazy with the beats so far with a section of many seeing no connection with the album so far even though is adamant the album went well but just that its the listeners who must wait to catch up with the deeper and finer meanings of the songs.

Some comments are as follows’ “Everyone is saying they don’t like Drake’s new album, I give them two weeks max! It’s definitely a vibe, perfect for summer!” one social media user wrote.

“if you don’t like Drake’s new album, you can go to the studio and f—ing make your own taste,” another added.

Drake’s net worth is about $260 million. I’m in the wrong business. It’s time to write some standard popcorn music for teenagers. That will help keep up with the new generation.

I have zero respect for a guy that grew up in a lovely middle class environment that feels the need to speak as an illiterate person. It’s culture appropriation another top critic also put his views across.

Meanwhile Drake response to critics is that they should wait and get the message later. he says below.

“It’s all good if you don’t get it yet,” he said of his album as “Calling My Name,” played in the background of the video. “That’s what we do! We wait for you to catch up. We in here, though, we caught up already. On to the next. My goodness!”




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