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Elon Musk changes Twitter algorithm so his tweets get seen by ‘1000 times’ more people than normal, report claims


Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has reportedly altered the algorithm on his Twitter account to ensure his tweets are seen by up to “1000 times” more people than usual, according to a report by The Independent. This move has sparked controversy among Twitter users who claim it gives him an unfair advantage on the platform.

The report suggests Musk was able to manipulate the algorithm by changing his settings to “promoted tweets,” which increased visibility of his posts on the platform, resulting in several tweets receiving millions of views and interactions.


Musk has previously been critical of Twitter’s algorithms, claiming they are “deeply flawed” and “easily gamed.” This latest development has caused some to question whether Musk is receiving preferential treatment on the platform, and whether this is in line with Twitter’s goal of providing an equal playing field for all users.


In response, a Twitter spokesperson stated the company “does not have any specific policies in place for individual accounts,” and all users are subject to the same algorithms and rules. However, some users are still calling for greater transparency and accountability from the platform regarding how algorithms are applied to different accounts.


While Musk has not commented directly on the report, he continues to use Twitter to share his thoughts and updates with his millions of followers. It remains to be seen if this latest controversy will affect his social media strategy going forward

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