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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Accused of ‘Hijacking’ £5.5 Billion British Satellite Deal

Controversy has erupted in the aerospace industry as British satellite company, BritSat, has accused SpaceX, led by tech mogul Elon Musk, of “hijacking” a lucrative £5.5 billion satellite deal that was originally intended for BritSat.

The dispute centers around the United Kingdom’s ambitious plan to develop its own satellite navigation system, known as “BritNav,” as an alternative to the European Union’s Galileo system. BritSat had been at the forefront of negotiations to build and launch the necessary satellites for this project.

However, the situation took a dramatic turn when SpaceX reportedly made an unsolicited bid to provide the satellite launch services for BritNav. According to BritSat’s CEO, Amanda Turner, SpaceX’s proposal came as a complete surprise and was not part of the original tender process.

Ms. Turner expressed her frustration, stating,

“It’s nothing short of hijacking. We’ve been working for years to secure this crucial project for the UK, and now, it appears that SpaceX is attempting to take over without proper authorization.”

Elon Musk, known for his bold and often controversial business decisions, responded to the allegations on social media, defending SpaceX’s actions. He argued that SpaceX’s proposal offered better value and expertise than what BritSat could provide. Musk tweeted, “SpaceX is committed to advancing space exploration and technology. We believe our proposal can serve the UK’s interests best.”


The dispute has raised concerns within the British government, as the successful launch and operation of the BritNav satellite system is considered vital for the country’s national security and economic interests. The UK government has not yet made an official statement on the matter.

Industry experts suggest that this dispute may lead to legal action if a resolution cannot be reached. The British satellite industry, like many others globally, has been experiencing rapid growth, and the competition for lucrative contracts is intense.


As the allegations and counterarguments continue to swirl, the fate of the £5.5 billion British satellite deal remains uncertain. It remains to be seen whether this high-stakes dispute will be resolved through negotiations or escalate into a protracted legal battle between BritSat and SpaceX.

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