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Fans are going crazy because of Rihanna’s silence.

The music world is a place people come to leave their worries and embrace a fresh start to something, people often relate their life experiences in songs, and when there is a remedy that works for them they stick to the artist that made their therapy easy and such artist revolves around a certain Rihanna who according to her die-hard fans should give them an album.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty NH is a Barbadian singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman, perhaps the stars were never the same after she received an invite by American record producer Evan Rogers.

Rihanna will release albums after albums thus cementing her place as a generational singer and a truly great, relationship with fellow R&B icon Chris Brown fell in the gutters when she was beaten and harassed but that was the catalyst, her strong narrative lyric and beautiful story telling gained her the accolade as a fine performer alongside Beyonce.

Fans are getting worried as to why Rihanna is silent but her real fans know about her delivery, the baby mama she has become and needs time to care for and nurture her baby to the outermost satisfaction.

Rihanna will surely come out with an album like always.




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