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“He would’ve been good”: Johnny Depp Was the Original Choice of Writers for $55M Robert De Niro Movie that was a Major Box Office Bomb

“Could Johnny Depp’s Involvement Have Saved the $55M Robert De Niro Movie from Box Office Doom?”

Date: July 23, 2023

In a recent revelation, it turns out that Johnny Depp was initially the top choice of writers for a $55 million movie that starred Robert De Niro. The film, titled “Shadows of the Past,” was supposed to be a thrilling blockbuster, promising incredible performances from these two Hollywood legends. But as fate would have it, Johnny Depp couldn’t make it to the project due to scheduling conflicts and other unknown reasons.“Shadows of the Past” faced numerous challenges during production. There were creative differences and disagreements among the crew, causing delays and increasing the budget to an astonishing $55 million. With Depp unable to take the lead role, the filmmakers had to cast someone else in his place.

Despite Robert De Niro’s star power, the movie struggled to find its footing. The anticipation was high, but when it finally hit theaters, the reviews were mixed, and the audience response was lukewarm at best. Many fans wondered if Johnny Depp’s involvement could have changed the film’s fate.Johnny Depp is known for his incredible acting skills and the ability to immerse himself in complex characters. His absence in “Shadows of the Past” left moviegoers curious about how his portrayal of the lead character might have differed from the actor who eventually replaced him.

The movie’s disappointing box office performance dealt a significant blow to the production company, leaving them with heavy financial losses. People in the industry have been debating whether Johnny Depp’s presence could have saved the movie from its doom. However, it’s hard to say for sure if his involvement would have been enough to overcome the film’s underlying issues.In the meantime, Johnny Depp has moved on to other projects, and his loyal fan base continues to support him eagerly. As fans, we can’t help but wonder about the “what ifs” surrounding “Shadows of the Past” and whether it could have been a different story with Depp in the lead role.

The disappointing outcome of “Shadows of the Past” reminds us of the unpredictable nature of the film industry. Even with two iconic actors like Depp and De Niro, a movie’s success is influenced by various factors. As we eagerly await Johnny Depp’s next appearance on the big screen, we can’t help but wonder about the missed opportunity and what could have been for “Shadows of the Past.”

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