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If all men were angelic as Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was abandoned by his father at 3 years old and grew up with 3 different stepfathers. He is dyslexic. His dreams of becoming a hockey player were shattered by a serious accident. His lovely daughter died at birth and his wife died in a car accident. his best friend, River Phoenix died of an overdose and to make it worse his sister has leukemia.

Despite all these problems this man never misses an opportunity to help people in need. when he was filming the movie ”The Lake House, ” he overheard the conversation of two costume assistants, One cried because he would lose his house if he did not pay 20,000 and on the same day Keanu Reeves deposited the entire amount in the woman’s bank account. he also donated stratospheric sums to hospitals.

In 2010, on his birthday, Keanu walked into a bakery and bought a brioche with a single candle, at it in front of the bakery and offered coffee to people who stopped to talk to him.

After winning astronomical sums for the Matrix trilogy, the actor donated more than 50 million to the staff who handled the costumes and special effects- the true heroes of the trilogy as he called them.

There’s no limit to what this man can achieve, a humanitarian who shies from the public and doesn’t even reveal his charitable deeds in public nor say he did them.


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