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Is there really anyone who can match the greatness of Drake

Aubrey Graham Drake will take over the world of hip-hop from an early age, the ‘Gods time’ Hitmaker has been associated with some huge amount of generosity, an act he demonstrated in his song where he gifted people who were in needy condition enough money to cater for themselves.

Drake fans alone in Canada and the US is enough to fetch him a sit in parliament  if ever he choose to run for office in the government sector, his charitable acts hasn’t gone unnoticed by the populace who also show their love in return by purchasing his songs, Drake will surpass 8 billion streams on Spotify, the highest listeners of songs ever.

His ties to family is also seen in his daily family activities with his son Adonis who up until Push a T’s diss was anonymous but yet still the rapper showed great fatherly love to start showing his son in public, telling his fans in silence that he had already planned something to do with his son but it’s the timing that’s wasn’t  right.

The jovial Drake is perhaps one of the greatest musicians to grace us on the planet Earth, his wins in lottery is always up for the view of the public, he encourages hardwork and expect people to to do the same, a year ago he posted a picture together with fellow singer Taylor swift in which gave the caption ‘hard work you think we playing’.

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