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“It’s making us less empathetic”: Zachary Levi Was Unhappy With Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trying to Prove Each Other Wrong in Court


From the bits and pieces of the trial that Levi saw, he was more on Depp’s side than that of Heard’s

Zachary Levi, the actor best known for his role in the superhero movie “Shazam!”, has expressed his discontent over the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. According to Levi, the highly publicized trial is making people less empathetic towards others.


During an interview with a news outlet, Levi spoke out against the conflict-based approach used in the trial, where both Depp and Heard gave testimony about their tumultuous relationship, with each side attempting to prove the other wrong.


Levi criticized this method and said, “I don’t think that kind of conflict is healthy, especially when it’s being played out so publicly. It’s making us less empathetic as a society, less willing to listen to each other and try to understand different perspectives.”


He went on to say that he believes the legal battle has detracted from the crucial issue of domestic abuse, which he believes should be taken seriously and addressed through open and honest conversation.


Levi said, “We need to be talking about how to prevent domestic violence and how to support survivors, not just focusing on the salacious details of a celebrity’s marriage.”


While acknowledging that it can be challenging to separate the personal lives of celebrities from their professional work, Levi expressed his hope that people would be able to look beyond the drama and concentrate on the real issues at hand.


“I think we need to start having more productive conversations about these kinds of things, rather than just pointing fingers and trying to prove each other wrong,” he said. “That’s not going to solve anything.”


Levi’s remarks come amid ongoing criticism surrounding the trial, with many expressing frustration at the attention given to the personal lives of celebrities rather than the serious issue of domestic abuse.

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