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Jay Z set to be featured on Beyonce’s new upcoming album.

Another name that is rumored to be among the list of artist that got to be featured on Beyonce’s new up coming album is no other than her own husband Jay Z and this has caught the attention of the world who just can’t wait for the duo to sing together.

They will first appear in songs like ‘Dangerous in love’, which won the MTV Europe Music award.

Beyonce new album will be released on 27 July which consist of 16 songs and is set to feature well renowned names on the album including Jay Z, Beyonce is given us a double album, a feat only those similar to her can achieve.

Beyonce Knowles has been a fighter for a very long time, she derived her success from an early age when she had to overcome the fear of the color, she had to work twice as hard before anyone will even lay their eyes on her.

Her hard work has eventually paid of and she has stood the test of time for 3 decades.

Ever flamboyant Jay is  also generating greener ideas for his entrepreneurship skills and according to Forbes is among the richest Hiphhop artist ever to exist. The duo’s contribution to the album will give it all the commercial success it deserves

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