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John Travolta Donates Vintage Car to Cancer Research Fundraiser



John Travolta has once again demonstrated his charitable spirit by donating a vintage car to a cancer research fundraiser in Florida. The 1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL will be auctioned off at the event, with all proceeds going towards cancer research and support for cancer patients and their families.


Travolta, who has been personally impacted by the disease after losing his wife, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer in 2020, has been a longtime supporter of cancer research and treatment. In a statement, he expressed his hope that the donation would help make a difference in the fight against cancer and provide hope and support to those affected by the disease.


The American Cancer Society will organize the cancer research fundraiser later this month, featuring various activities such as live music, food, and a silent auction, with all proceeds going towards cancer research and patient support programs.


Travolta’s donation of his vintage car has received recognition and appreciation, with many commending his continued support of cancer research and treatment. The contribution is anticipated to have a significant impact on the fundraiser, providing necessary resources and support for those affected by cancer.

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