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John Travolta Donates Vintage Plane to Aviation Museum


Actor and licensed pilot John Travolta has generously donated one of his vintage planes to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in Florida, which aims to preserve the rich history of aviation. With a personal collection of over a dozen aircraft, Travolta has gifted a 1955 T-33 Shooting Star, a trainer aircraft utilized by the US Air Force during the Korean War.


After being fully restored, the plane is now on display at the museum, where visitors can closely examine it and learn about its significance in the history of aviation. As an aviation enthusiast since the 1970s, Travolta has also served as a goodwill ambassador for Qantas, an Australian airline, and has flown the company’s planes on various occasions. Travolta’s interest in aviation was inspired by his late father, who was also a pilot.


Travolta’s generous donation has been met with applause from both aviation enthusiasts and museum officials, who believe that it will play a vital role in promoting the history of aviation and inspiring future generations of pilots. Additionally, Travolta’s philanthropic efforts, including support for a range of charitable and humanitarian causes, have earned him widespread admiration.

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