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Johnny Depp Already Made His Return… As A Puffin?

Johnny Depp, the renowned actor famous for his roles in major Hollywood films, has reportedly returned to the screen in an unexpected way. According to reports, Depp has provided his voice for the animated movie “Puffins,” set to hit theaters in 2022, where he will portray the lead character of a puffin named Johnny.


The film’s director, James Snider, announced the news, expressing his enthusiasm for having Depp on board for the project. Snider stated, “We were thrilled to have Johnny Depp join our cast as the voice of our main character, Johnny the Puffin. He brings such a unique and charismatic energy to the role, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this film with the world.”


The plot of the film centers around Johnny, a charming and impish puffin, who embarks on an adventurous journey with his friends to save a group of baby animals from danger. “Puffins” is expected to be a movie that caters to the entire family, with a mix of humor, action, and heartwarming scenes.


Depp’s involvement in the project comes as a surprise to many, given the legal battles and controversies he has faced in recent years. Nonetheless, it appears that the actor remains resolute in pursuing his passion for acting and engaging with his supporters through fresh and unexpected projects.


Fans of the star will likely be thrilled to see Depp back on the big screen, albeit in a different form, and will undoubtedly support his latest effort in the animation realm.

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