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Johnny Depp has a message to all his fans: ‘You lifted me above the horror show

The YouTube channel, Popcorned Planet, played a significant role in supporting Johnny Depp throughout his entire trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The channel’s main host, Andy Signore, had a similar experience where he was accused of rape and harassment by several co-workers during his time at Screen Addicts. This resulted in all of his colleagues at the time ghosting him, which was even more detrimental to his career. Although none of the allegations were proven, he still lost everything.


Depp also expressed his concerns about the ongoing negativity towards him even after the trial and possibly for the rest of his life. He compared himself to Quasimodo, as he will always feel rejected by many who still believe he is guilty. During most of the interview, he spoke candidly without any filters. He confirmed that he no longer focuses on any news related to his ex, and all he wants is to move on from this dark period in his life.

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