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Johnny Depp Will vocalize solely French As King Louis XV In La Favorite

Depp’s first starring  part since 2018 is in the French biographical film La Favorite, in which the actor will play King Louis XV, known in history as Louis the Beloved. It’s directed by French actress and filmmaker Maïwenn, who’ll be starring  contrary Depp as Louis XV’s  sanctioned  other woman, the Comtesse du Barry.

The film will have a theatrical release only in France and won’t begin streaming on Netflix in the United States until 15 months after that theatrical release. Of course, the French movie will have an entirely French script, so English will be out of the question for Depp.

While Depp lived in France for several times with hisex-partner Vanessa Paradis, the actor has confessed( via People) to  floundering with the language. It’s one thing for an actor to  bobble through a foreign language knowing that only select cult will notice their  crimes, but another to perform  simply to native  druggies. In La Favorite, Depp’s  operation of French will have to be  good of King Louis XV, which presents an  interesting challenge for the actor.

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  1. Renee Vandermill Renee Vandermill January 24, 2023

    I hope that Netflix in Canada will let me see this movie. !!!!

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