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Kendrick Lamar is above this generation

Kendrick Lamar is a generational rapper and influential too, the strangest thing  about his is his humility, Kendrick will cement his place among the true great of hip hop, his contribution to hiphop cannot be over emphasized and its traits like this that amplifies him as one of the most influential rappers of all time.

its said that  Lil Wayne really influenced the biggest 2 rappers of the 2010s with kendrick lamar & drake as well as the biggest 2 trap artists with future  and young thug, hip hop wouldn’t be where it is today without Weezy but what kendrick mastered from his master will still be listened to in 200 years time

The rapper Kendrick Lamar is a poetic kind of rapper who specializes in mixing and delving into many different theories thus coming out with a logic concept of how something was initiated, the rappers contribution to music is massive.

In a recent trending news it seems Kendrick Lamar takes a few lines to respond to a tweet Noname made back in 2020 at the height of the George Floyd protests.

The rest of the verse which according to many thought will be aimed at Noname, but was rather used to Kendrick’s advantage when he transferred himself into the black culture to manifest the bitterness in his heart, sighting the world as evil and hence he needs to escape from it.

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