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Lil Wayne responsible for the rise of hip-hop in the early 2000’s

Lil Wayne contribution to hip-hop in the last two decades cannot be ignored, he was on another level all together, his vision and foresight was out of the ordinary, if there is an artist who has single handily  transformed the fortunes of hip-hop then this name has to echo.

His early breakthrough in the early 2000 was a bit silent but that gave him the enough time to be nurtured under strong arms of Birdman who spearheaded the Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne will go on to win over the world with songs such as Mirror On the Wall, Leather so Soft and Lollipop.

The force and talent of this rapper was feared across the media and who dared to take a beef for he was so destructive there was no need to ask for his rival before a date was set, he was like let it flow.

Hiphop became much popular in other parts of the world due to this mans versatility

He helped discover Drake and Nicky Minaj the queen of rap and Drake will go on to generate 8 billion on Spotify.

Lil Wayne holds love dearly in his heart and will go every mile to prove it to his kids even when echoes of his unlucky parental neglect continue to loom in his heart, its clear that due to this mans positive humanitarian influence hip-hop reached different heights and the first adopted father love affair will be made possible by him and Birdman.


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