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Lil Wayne the best rapper alive or the god of rap.

The debate among the hip-hop community is certainly one that will linger forever and it will usually center around each person’s preference, in between the years every good artist is patronized by their own fan who like them because of how their songs appeal to them but there some who are able to break this curse and win the heart of the masses.

Among such artists is the ever mercurial Lil Wayne who according to many is the best rapper to have ever graced the hip-hop atmosphere and seeing his contribution to the game in the last two decades leaves many with no choice but to accept the tag has the best rapper alive.

The special thing about Lil Wayne is his career longevity is completely based on music and his cultural relevance. No large popularity boost through gimmicks, brand deals, or other business ventures. Just a hip-hop goat.

On July 5, 2007, Nicki Minaj released her debut mixtape “Playtime Is Over” through Dirty Money Records. The tape featured Lil Wayne, who found out about Nicki through Dirty Money’s The Come Up DVD series. The pair will go on to provide hits after hits and her discovery alone qualifies Lil Wayne as a true goat and a hip-hop child sent from the heavens to show us how things should be done.


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