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Mahama’s decision saved Ghana from terrorist.

Dr. Ishmael Norman on terrorism in Ghana has praised Ex President Mahama for doing everything in the interest of Ghana when he accepted two prisoners from  Guantanamo Bay.

According to Dr. Ishmael’ the only reason why we’ve been spared [from terrorist attacks] is because of the wise decision made by John Mahama to accept those two Guantanamo Bay prisoners in Ghana”

He spoke in the interest of diplomatic ties, a deal Mahama made for Ghana to avoid terror attacks in the future.

Diplomatic ties are formed when two countries or more reach an agreement to trade or exchange something in order to strengthened their ties, for a country to have total immunity against sudden problems they need to be more diplomatic thus a channel is automatically necessary to help combat the problem, to help resolve the problem, no one can do it alone and it takes unity to go far in life.

The sudden hard times in the country especially the economy with inflation taken its grip and prices of goods ever on the rise is a challenge for everyone to bear, individuals and celebrity and business men alike are all affected.

Mahama is been echoed in every street in Ghana to come back and save the people and the economy.

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