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Mbappe proves he is above this generation.

Kylian Mppabe is a French footballer who plays for Ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain, if there will ever be an 18-year-old to bring his country out of despair and single handily win the most coveted price in football then it has to be this man, he scored twice in 2018 to win the world cup for France.

Ever since his rise from zero to greatness, the anchor forward for the France national team has refused to look back and keeps breaking records after records, the greatest tag of war ever fought over a player by two of the biggest club in the world is perhaps by PSG and Real Madrid, both clubs have fought blood to blood to try and persuade the french man for his services.

PSG eventually won the signature of the dynamic and pacy forward who decided after several attempts by Real Madrid of Spain to sign him to stay and fight for the champion league medal even deserving to be called by the France president himself to stay and promote the football in his home country.

Only Pele was told to stay as a national treasure for his beloved country Brazil.

Kylian Mppabe has broken such a record in a time when football is gradually losing its passion and moving towards the gallows of money so much so that he escaped under the watchful eyes of Africa and moved to Europe to prove to the world that he is indeed a special talent and one who is clearly above this generation.


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