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Medikal defends himself for spraying cash on stripper

Medikal and Jaden Smith captured chilling in the US

Netizens grill Medikal for spraying cash on stripper

Rapper spends more money in club despite public backlash

Ghanaian rapper and AMG signee, Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known as Medikal, has responded to critics who chastised him for spraying cash on a stripper in a club in the United States of America (USA).

Days after netizens took the rapper to the laundry for spraying one-dollar notes on a stripper and behaving in manner internet users described as ‘reckless and not befitting a married man’, Medikal has recorded a new video in another club to respond to his critics.

In the said video, Medikal was spotted in a club with his friends spraying cash on the club attendants and dancers in the club as he explained to his many followers that not all money is meant for investment.

“Not every money you’ve worked hard for or gotten is used to build houses/properties, as some are used to enjoy life, as he’s doing now and that means his reckless life is never ending since he enjoys lavishing around,” Medikal explained in a viral Instagram video.

The rapper was recently in the news on July 20, 2022, for sharing a video of himself sharing laughs and hugs with American rapper and actor, Jayden Smith, on the streets of America.

Captured with the artiste were a group of friends. He was spotted cruising in an A-lister’s Range Rover and a private Benz bus.

Check out the video

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