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Michael Bakari Jordan part ways with lover Lori Harvey after a year

Perhaps Michael B Jordan is noted famously in the movie Black Panther, the villain who tries to usurp Black Panther his birthright as a king, now the same villain has been usurped of his love right from his girl friend Lori Harvey.

The love affair of the duo was a much talked about romantic affair of the street which everyone found satisfying to copy but fresh turn of events suggest the duo have parted ways the reason been commitment issues from the woman.

Michael Bakari Jordan is a serious actor who is always alert for the bad, his sense of not wasting time but dealing with matters straight forward indicates a man who knows what he wants and the public will wonder and see that about their famous actor when he start dating again maybe sooner or later.

He is also known in roles such as shooting victim Oscar Grant in the drama Fruitvale Station.

Jordan was in love and even made his relationship with Lori official on Instagram and their date only lasted a year after been spotted together in 2022.

The up and downs in relationship affairs in Hollywood especially of actors and artist is a constant nuisance that every day people wake up to witness.



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