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Michael Jackson has the most angelic side profile

Michael Jackson was known as a cultural pillar in the last 20th century, the king of Pop music and was always loved by everyone, if there has been any artist who has gone deep in racial barriers to break it up and fuse it with friendship then this mans name should  pop up, exploits of his unique humanitarian acts enabled him to work for UN, as the united Nations are burnt on bringing peace in the world.

Michaels split from the Jackson 5 ensured he was now free to break away and shine and we don’t see any of these “new king of pops “or the “next Michael Jackson” donating to charities, giving back to communities, helping sick children, working to save our planet, etc. You can’t be Michael Jackson without being a humanitarian.

He was more than a man, more like an empath sent to heal the sick and the depressed, Michael Jackson was almost 40 years old when he served such intense choreography so effortlessly in the “Ghosts” short film. Hands down the greatest choreography to ever exists in the history of music videos.

Whether he was a man or an angel it will deem fit to remember him for been a human to the rest of humanity.


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