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Obrafour began the rap life in Ghana

Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko but famously known as Obrafour, Rap Executioner and Rap Sofo is a hip life artist from Ghana, his style of unique storytelling eclipses many who call themselves good, his hit debut album ”Pae mu ka”, claimed him a whooping treble awards in 2000 at the Ghana Music Awards now VGMAS awards.

Obrafour mostly praises his mother a lot in his song sighting her as the catalyst that propelled him especially early in his church days when he was involved with four groups who sang together gospel songs, obrafour was eventually introduced into the game of rap by his best friend Quincy and after attending auditions and performance sessions he met Hammer who was an amateur beat maker at that time but he quickly got stung to high talent of Obrafour

In the studios of OM studios in 1999 the album ”Pae mu ka” was released, Obrafour mostly adores Hammer in his music as he was the one who struck a deal with Abraham Ohene Djan who paved the way for his first album, the song drove Ghanaians to madness, many where those wondering whether this artist was human, his style of rap had never been seen and besides it was the year for a rap face to cloud Ghana.

All lovers of rap especially in the local dialect of Twi will give thanks to Obrafour.

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