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Paul Adom Otchere attacks Togbe Afede

Paul Adom Otchere is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist and the host of Good Evening Ghana who has been on the spot light of late especially after he received a job from the president as a chair person at the Ghana airport and his wife Rosemary Adom Otchere whom he married on 30 December 2005. His wife received appointment from President Akufo-Addo as the new Deputy Chief Executive of the Ghana Export-Import (EXIM) Bank.

This coupled with his appointment has been met with several media backlash with some raising concerns to why the national cake is being shared among family and friends. The TV personality attacks Togbe Afede for rejecting ex gratia allocated to him for his service in the council of chiefs saying he should have also reject the salary provided to him in his 4 year stint.

The public are not happy and expressed concern to why a patriotic king is not celebrated but rather criticized by no other than a person who has been granted political favor in the name of Paul Adom Okyere who according to Ghanaians is not qualified to take a profession in the field of journalism.

 Our younger brother Paul Adom-Otchere overstepped a little , Dr. Lawrence Tetteh spoke about this in an interview where he pleaded on behalf of Paul Adom Okyere his younger brother he calls him in his speech about Ex gratia.

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