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Prince David Osei blast the same government he helped campaign for.

The Ghanaian actor was a subject of  ridicule by Ghanaians in light of his 2020 campaign for the New Patriotic Party where he was heavily chastised for following his political dream of voting for his beloved party NPP.

They say when the frog gets stack in waster it cries for help and so has the  Fortune Island, Last Night actor voiced his displeasure towards the recent happenings in the country, a governance that has seen the government unable to pay its workers, the poor health care, the smelly educational system that has seen students lack basic necessity like food and books.

Misplaced priorities, self glory, greed and insensitivity towards the plight of the citizens, we cant pay government workers, staff working tirelessly 24/7 yet we have 25,000,00 for a cathedral in this perilous time of our economy” he wrote on twitter.

It doesn’t fall on wise ears when the news of the Cathedral broke out, the economy is torn and inflation is ever on the rise, prices of goods have never been stable before till this government took over.

Prince David Osei is the latest celebrity to voice his displeasure towards the wellbeing of the country and we hope more influential people are able to speak out and correct the mismanagement that has been going on in the government and its sectors.

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