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Prophet Salifu Amoako rebukes an American church whose members gave $1 as offertories

During a visit as a guest preacher in the United States, Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako called out members of a congregation who failed to honor God in their offering but instead hardened their hearts by dropping one dollar notes as an offertory.

Not only was Prophet Amoako saddened by their behavior, but he also observed that Christians gathered at the auditorium dropped their offertory with their left hand, which he explained doesn’t show respect to the Almighty God.

Calling out the ‘stingy’ congregation in a viral video sighted by Ghana Web, he noted that God had blessed them with good wealth and, instead of showing appreciation, they decided to offer $1 to their maker.

The Ghanaian preacher questioned how on earth the US congregation could give God just a dollar equivalent to GH¢8.76.

“Listen, when I asked most of you to give a sacrifice, you decided to drop one-one dollar. It has no value…let me teach you small. Your problem is your mindset, somebody say attitude.

“Your attitude is what determines your altitude in life. It is what takes you to your altitude. How can you give God a dollar? Human being, flesh and blood.

“The thing I asked you to do, you didn’t understand it. If you should have gotten it, some of you would have cried and said, things are following my life and by the direction of this man of God, I’m placing a value. Some of you, I was watching; you were using your left hand to throw the money,” the preacher said while condemning the action of the US-based church.

Prophet Elisha Saifu Amoako indicated that he might not honour the next invitation of the church because they did not honour God.

“Next time come and do your church…I don’t go to places where people don’t honour God. It is a waste of time. How can you use your left hand to give a dollar? Some of you are blessed. You are driving cars and living in homes, but when it comes to God, you crumble a dollar and present it to Him. Do you know the God you are serving? Even Muslims don’t do that. Idol worshippers don’t do that either. Wonders shall never end,” the prophet expressed his disappointment.


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