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Ronaldinho a master everyone idolized.

Ronaldinho has always had a football brain ever since his discovery in Brazil as the brother of  Roberto de Assis Moreira, a former footballer who according to many would have carried the world on his shoulders had it not been for his untimely injury.

The stars came out last night for the Beautiful Game exhibition match between Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos, all their celebrity friends and legends, the match was complete when a fan came on to  praise Ronaldinho.  Vini Jr. is confirmed to take part in a friendly match for Team Ronaldinho against Team Robert Carlos, in Miami tonight.

Ronaldinho And Roberto Carlos Met In Miami To Play A Big Game With Other Soccer Stars From All Over The World to grace the game of football once again and to showcase to the world that football will always be the game to unite the people and fans across the world.

The former Barcelona and Ac Milan player will always play with a smile on his face and there are some pictures from Ronaldinho’s “The Beautiful Game” exhibition match last night. Vini switched teams at half and got goals for both team Ronaldinho & team Roberto Carlos. Vini played alongside legends like Ronaldinho, Cafu, Rivaldo, Stoichkov, Deco & Kluivert. 

Ronaldinho is perhaps the greatest player to have operated the ball in a every advanced way, he has single handily transformed the way the game should be seen and even invented a way of play never seen in football.



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