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Sadio Mane becomes a top African earner after moving to Bayern Munich.

He left Liverpool because he was not treated and compensated like some who contributed less than him. But I’m sure, he’ll be treated differently in Bayern and will be highly appreciated there, and will also be among the top earners in the world, the winger’s contribution to the growth of the Premier League cannot be overemphasized.
Sadio Mane has finally gotten what he desires as he declared his intentions upon joining Bayern Munich, ” I really have a great feeling. so there was no doubt in my mind right from the start, This is the right time for this challenge, his heartfelt statement was one for the take, and this shows his dedication to being the very best.
He is now on top of Africa in earnings, the 2022 highest paid African Footballers, he is first on the least with 250k, and the list is as follows
Sadio Mane €250
Mohammed Salah €220
Riyad Mahrez €200k
Thomas Partey €200k
Dede Ayew €180k
Achraf Hakimi €176k
Nicholas Pepe €140k
Wilfried Zaha €130k
Sadio Mane will now be happy at his new club and we will try to give our all and finally be appreciated for his hard work.
France0@24 made a documentary in Senegal where his countrymen, friends, and foes alike all celebrated his new move.

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