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Samini shows he is the king of humility

Samini has shown maturity and apologised to a security gateman of legon. The incident took place earlier on today and this has made Ghanaians to wonder in awe of how humble the dancehall artist has become over the years and many seems to be praising him on social media for such a kind act of a person really deserving to be called an artist.

Samini earlier on posted a video of himself laying a complain against a security man of the university campus of Legon where the dancehall artist disrespected the security man for following protocol as Samini forgot his boarding pass.

Ghanaians were quick to flock the artist for not showing discipline but rather following the ways of disorder hence labelling what he did wrong as right.

After some silent time alone with maybe some chilled drink Samini taught he was a mere human and has disrespected his fellow human so he posted a video of himself to apologize for his uncouth actions.

The dancehall artist of Ghana has shown to the near world and beyond that everyone can make a mistake but the right way to go at it is to be a human and apologize after wronging someone, no matter their status in life .


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