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Shatta Wale ignores insult; endorses beef between Big Ivy and Mummy Dolarz

Shatta Wale has responded to a jab thrown at him by Mummy Dolarz, a Nigerian mother who is currently in a lyrical battle with Ghana’s Big Ivy.

The two African mothers have recorded videos exhibiting their rap skills all in the bid to claim the crown as the continent’s best mum rapper.

Their funny clips have generated interest from social media users including Shatta who has empowered them to take over the music scene from young artistes.

His comment came after Mummy Dolarz in her recent black back at Big Ivy stated that “Naija na we get the rap. Our common dog will murder Shatta Wale. Pepper them on the beat.”

Despite the line which appeared as a subtle jab at Shatta Wale, he didn’t take it to heart but rather termed it as a means to score more points for Nigeria.

In a video sighted by GhanaWeb, Shatta had this to say: “Mummy, mummy, please I don’t like that. Send it to Mama Dolarz (laughs). I like how you people are doing your music. We are tired of the young people. Rap, in fact, use wrapper take rap. Just rap anything, we support you. We are loving the beef from you and Big Ivy. You know am a beef king. I love beef so just rap. When you are tired, come to Ghana for vacation we’ll chill you.”


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