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Stephen Fry breaks silence on reason he quit Twitter ‘Should be in hands of a grey board


Stephen Fry, a well-known British comedian, actor, and writer, revealed in a recent interview that he left Twitter in 2016 due to the overwhelming amount of abuse and negativity he received from certain users on the platform. Although he initially enjoyed interacting with fans and sharing his experiences, he found that Twitter was also a hotbed for trolls and bullies who could attack others without consequences.


Fry proposed a solution to the problem by suggesting that Twitter should be managed by a “grey board” of individuals who are impartial, reflective, and intelligent. He argued that the current system, which is controlled by a small group of executives, is not equipped to address the complex issues of hate speech, free speech, and online harassment.


Fry’s views are shared by many users and experts who believe that social media platforms must do more to combat harassment and abuse. Some have suggested that platforms like Twitter should be subject to regulation similar to that of utilities, with independent oversight to ensure that they are acting in the public interest

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