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Steve Harvey the king of advice has failed in advising his daughter.

Steve Harvey the king of Television shows, the owner and auditor of his own life pattern, the court comedian will go on to conquer his fans with dazzling ways of solving and analyzing intricate issues about the everyday life.

Recent news in the grapevine is all about the breakup between Michael Bakari Jordan and Lori Harvey, the duo had a tight romantic affair that lasted a year, the cause and effects of the break up was commitment issues on behalf of Steve Harvey’s daughter who appears to always shine in the spotlight and is surrounded with a cluster of break ups.

The story tells the daughter of a famous television host who has the world at his sight due to his charismatic way of dealing with complex issues but at the same time is incapable of guiding his daughter to maintain a stable relationship, comments he made after his daughters break up suggest he careless about her emotional grooming say ”sometimes God listen to our prayers when something doesn’t happen.

Michael B Jordan will be looking to forget everything soon and concentrate on his acting career, the same career that has uplifted him to higher heights in such a short period of time , he is best remembered as the villain in the movie by Warner Bros, Black Panter.

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