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The Johnny Depp movie they tried to hide… A hit on Netflix

Johnny Depp’s filmography is as extensive as his list of controversies.

The actor has dozens of successful movies behind him, such as the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Among all the productions on which the actor has worked, one of them stands out for the controversy that surrounded it and that almost caused it to be canceled.

However, it is now one of the most watched on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

‘City of Lies’, which saw the light in the United States relatively recently, premiered in Italy in 2018.

However, it never saw the light of the big screen, so the production company was sued for breaching the initial agreement.

The controversy surrounding ‘City of Lies’

The reasons behind that decision began in the summer of 2018.

At that time, it became known that Gregg Brooks had sued Johnny Depp for assaults during filming.

In addition, he accused the production company of allowing a hostile environment and firing employees in unfair ways.

Shortly thereafter, the Daily Beast argued that Depp was used as a target, but that there was an even bigger controversy behind it all.

The movie centers on Darius Jackson, a reporter investigating the death of Christopher Wallace, known as Notorious B.I.G.

However, the inquiries lead him to Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records.

That is why, according to the aforementioned outlet, the LAPD was trying to keep the film from coming to fruition, as it would cause the case to be reopened in the public eye.

Despite not being released in theaters, ‘City of Lies’ did reach streaming platforms and, curiously, in recent weeks has seen how its popularity grow on Netflix, where it has become one of the most-watched films of the moment.

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