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Trevor Noah Sums Up Elon Musk’s Twitter Problems With Perfect Sports Analogy

Trevor Noah compared Elon Musk and his laden takeover of Twitter to an avid supporter shouting at players on the television screen, thinking they know best.

In the middle between-the-scenes film recorded for “The Day to day Show” this week, Noah conceded he’d as of late discovered himself hollering at a Liverpool soccer player who’d neglected to detect a pass.

Noah said he out of nowhere understood: “He doesn’t have your point Trevor, he can’t see it.” The experience is totally different for fans and players who are out on the field, he noted.

“Exactly the same thing occurred here. Elon was simply utilizing Twitter and he was like, ‘do this,’ and presently he’s in it, and he’s like, ‘Arrrrghhhh,'” Noah broke.

Watch Noah’s full video here:


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