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UAE will continue to champion peace, stability in Middle East and world – Mohamed bin Zayed

President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan has said his nation will continue to be a champion for peace and stability in the Middle East region and the entire world, by providing support for other nations and advocating for wisdom and cooperation for the collective good of the world.

He averred that the UAE will strengthen cooperation and enable respectful and positive dialogue among countries for the sake of stability and prosperity for all.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan made this declaration in his first televised address since becoming president of the UAE in May.

“The sovereignty and security of the UAE will remain a foundational principle that we will abide with, and we will not tolerate anything that could affect it” he said.

“We extend the hand of friendship to all countries that share our values of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect, to achieve progress and prosperity.” He added.

Sheikh Mohamed said the UAE is “fortunate to have a nation of people, who, before and after the union, and even through difficult times, have proven their spirit and determination to overcome the toughest challenges”.

“Our pride in our people is infinite. Equally, we deeply appreciate the valued role of our residents who consider this country their second home, and their continued contributions in building and developing the UAE since its union,” he added.

“Today, we see our nation ranked among the most advanced nations globally, as well as being one of the best places to live and work. This was the vision of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed and our founding fathers,” he said.

The rest of his speech as transcribed by Aawsat Media is quoted below:

“We will continue to follow their wise approach, drawing inspiration from their unfaltering leadership. Our history, identity, and cultural heritage will form an essential part of our plans for the future.”

“Today the UAE has an advanced, sustainable and integrated ecosystem that has become an inspiration for people in the region around the world. We will ensure it continues to develop, thanks the efforts of our people, and those who have chosen to call the UAE home,” added Sheikh Mohamed.

“Today, the UAE economy is thriving and continues to grow at an impressive rate. We are blessed with many resources, especially our high skilled human capital. In addition, more than 200 nationalities are actively participating in the growth and development of our economy,” he went on to say.

“Further diversifying our economy is a key strategic focus of our future plans. It is therefore necessary to accelerate economic development efforts to continue building a leading global economy, to enhance our competitiveness, and to achieve the highest global rankings,” he stated.
“Our priorities also include further strengthening our people’s capabilities in science and technology, and develop it further to benefit all economic areas and the society.”

“The role of the private sector is pivotal and it must be further activated through constant collaboration and diverse opportunities to increase its contribution to the growth of the economy” underlined Sheikh Mohamed.

Moreover, he noted that “since its establishment, the UAE has built robust relations with countries around the world, based on solid foundations of openness and constructive cooperation.”

“This has gained our nation a reputation regionally and internationally, by the efforts of our young men and women in the UAE and abroad, who we are very proud of.

“During the next chapter, we will build on our reputation by establishing strategic partnerships with various countries.

“Continuing Sheikh Zayed’s approach, we will work to strengthen our role among the world’s leading countries by providing humanitarian aid, and by continuing to extend a helping hand to communities in need around the world, irrespective of religion or race.”

“We will also continue to consolidate our nation’s position as a reliable energy provider, and support global energy security as a fundamental driver of global economic growth and development,” he declared Sheikh Mohamed.

He continued: “The UAE has secured a great number of exceptional achievements, particularly as a young country. But our ambitions are far greater. It is imperative that we continue to strive to surpass our current success.

Our responsibility is to secure a bright future for our youth, and achieving that depends on the work and effort we put in today.”


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