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Yaa Pono demands respect from Ghanaians


Yaa Pono is respected in the music industry but according to him Ghanaians dont still understabd the magnitude of his talent and as a results demands more respect from Ghanaians, he employ us to respect him more and fancy him as high as we do for Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba.

The Gbenabu hit maker says he was only underground for 6 years compared to Shata Wale’s 19 years in the shadows of forgetfulness, the guy who says he is better than most artist in Ghana as rumors of his dying career surfaces, a section of Ghanaians thought he was only trying to strike a beef with Shata Wale to to give life to his dying career.

Yaa Pono will perhaps be known for his song ”Obia Wo Ni Master”, he showed Ghanaians that he was a good entertainer with this song he set the environment ablaze with love and humor as the lyrics of the song was humorous. Yaa Pono is mostly idolized by Sarkodie, the BET hit maker says his compatriot has achieved greatness in his craft and that is why he has many fans across the country and beyond.

It is hard time Ghanaians remembered the heavy witty sound of one of their own Yaa Pono

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