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You don’t go out with Jeff Beck unless you can play guitar, and he really is a player”: Alice Cooper on working with Johnny Depp in Hollywood Vampires

Alice Cooper Applauds Johnny Depp’s Guitar Skills in Hollywood Vampires

The legendary rock supergroup, Hollywood Vampires, has been causing quite a stir lately, and it’s not just because of their iconic tunes. The musical partnership between Alice Cooper, a rock icon in his own right, and Hollywood megastar Johnny Depp has been captivating fans and music aficionados. Cooper recently opened up about what it’s like collaborating with Depp in the band and shed some light on Depp’s remarkable guitar talents.

“You don’t go out with Jeff Beck unless you can play guitar, and he really is a player,” Cooper shared, offering high praise for Depp’s guitar skills. In a recent interview, Cooper provided some insights into the unique dynamic between him and Depp, which has played a significant role in Hollywood Vampires’ remarkable journey in the music world.Formed in 2015, Hollywood Vampires boasts an impressive lineup that includes Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and the legendary Joe Perry, known for his guitar work with Aerosmith. The band pays homage to rock stars of the 1970s who met untimely ends due to their excesses by reviving their timeless classics while infusing their own rock ‘n’ roll spirit. With Depp handling the guitar, Cooper as the frontman, and Perry on lead guitar, they have captured the hearts of rock enthusiasts worldwide.Alice Cooper didn’t hold back when commending Johnny Depp’s dedication to mastering the guitar. While Depp may be best known for his acting career, his love for music has been evident as he’s frequently jammed with various musicians over the years. Cooper, an iconic figure in the rock world himself, expressed deep admiration for Depp’s musical talents and his unwavering commitment to the craft.“Johnny isn’t just a casual player. He’s the real deal,” Cooper emphasized. “When he’s up on that stage with us, he doesn’t pull any punches. He absolutely shreds those guitar solos like a seasoned pro. His passion for rock ‘n’ roll is palpable, and it comes through in his playing.”Depp’s involvement in Hollywood Vampires has brought a fresh and intriguing dimension to the band. While he might be more associated with Hollywood blockbusters, Depp’s guitar skills have earned him respect within the music industry. Fans attending Hollywood Vampires’ electrifying concerts have been treated to unforgettable performances where Depp’s guitar wizardry takes center stage.

Over the years, the band has released several albums, including their self-titled debut in 2015 and “Rise” in 2019. These albums feature a mix of original tracks and covers of classic rock anthems. Their music has struck a chord with fans spanning different generations, and their high-octane live shows continue to draw massive audiences.Alice Cooper’s effusive praise for Johnny Depp’s guitar talents underscores the band’s authenticity and their shared devotion to the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Hollywood Vampires’ distinctive fusion of talent, star power, and an unbridled love for music has firmly established them as a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock.

As Hollywood Vampires continue to tour and create music, fans eagerly await their next chapter, secure in the knowledge that Johnny Depp’s guitar prowess remains an integral part of their captivating sound. This unlikely pairing of a rock legend and a Hollywood superstar has undoubtedly resulted in something extraordinary for music lovers worldwide.

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